Our World Cup 2022 campaign called on fans to enjoy the game without ruining it for others. You can download and share our social media assets on this page.

The West Midlands Victims’ Commissioner, Nicky Brennan, called on football fans to enjoy the games without ruining them for others with abusive behaviour.

Supporters were urged to cut out any inappropriate behaviour towards women, and to step in and call out others that they see crossing the line.

While there have been positive strides made in football with well-received campaigns such as Her Game Too and EE’s Hope United, there is plenty to be done to make watching football a safe and inclusive environment for all.

The West Midlands Victims’ Commissioner said, “Anyone who knows me will know how much I love my football, and I’m really excited for the tournament. But we also know that there’s a deep-rooted problem when it comes to watching football and sexual abuse so I’m calling on all fans, whoever you’re supporting, to put an end to it.”

“Win, lose or draw, there is absolutely no excuse for abuse. We need to have a real zero-tolerance approach to sexual assault and harassment of any kind. Though ultimately the blame lies with perpetrators of this behaviour, all fans have their part to play in this by being allies and calling out anyone they see behaving in this way.”

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