In December 2022, we made it clear that there is no excuse for abuse or harassment when out and about for parties. You can download and share our social media assets on this page.

The West Midlands Victims’ Commissioner, Nicky Brennan, warned potential criminals that there is no excuse for abuse when out and about at clubs and bars across the region.

To support the message, the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner launched this campaign with a number of digital billboards across the West Midlands.

The renewed call for a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour in clubs and bars followed the Victims’ Commissioner’s pledge to support the Stamp Out Spiking petition.

The West Midlands Victims’ Commissioner said, “December is one of my favourite times of the year, not least because of the many celebrations and parties. It should be, and can be, a time of great joy. But it’s also a time when we see a rise in sexual assaults and harassment in bars and clubs.

“There is never an excuse for abuse of any kind. We need to rid ourselves of any notion that it is just a part of ‘going out’ at Christmas. What some people might think of as harmless fun or banter is actually a serious criminal offence that has a horrific impact on its victim, and it takes all of us to eradicate it for good.”

The Victims’ Commissioner further explained that everyone has their part to play in ending violence against women, and asked partygoers to be allies to those around them by calling out anyone they see acting inappropriately towards others or by reporting them.

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