Base 25 can be accessed through their city centre base, outreach locations, community venues/schools, detached youth workers, digital platforms, e-mail or telephone. Below are support services provided:

Empower – Our Empower approach places the child or young person’s voice at the centre of any package of support and a programme is co-produced to meet individual needs.  Often the work focuses on learning around themes such as online grooming, gangs, relationships and protective behaviours. 

Specialist Mentoring – Our specialist mentoring uses a unique approach to support the positive engagement of those at risk of exploitation, youth violence and gangs. Through a creative process of supporting the child or young person to tell their story (as with our iGirl approach) or using sport as a tool to encourage engagement, our specialist mentoring uses positive role models to support positive change.

Clued Up – This is our specialist group work approach for those at risk of exploitation, youth violence and gangs.  It focuses on early intervention that will benefit those that prefer to learn alongside their peers.  Each programme can be tailored to meet individual and group needs so it has the flexibility to cover a broad range of themes.


Call 01902 572040 for more information.

Address: Castle House, Wheeler’s Fold, Wolverhampton WV1 1HN


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