The British Red Cross supports trafficked people. Many people who use British Red Cross services are among groups at risk of trafficking and exploitation. They could be refugees, asylum seekers, European citizens or people who come from other countries.

British Red Cross provides destitution support to asylum seekers in the West Midlands. They also provide casework support to unaccompanied asylum seeking young people up to the age of 25. They have an internal anti-trafficking team who provide remote advice on cases and can occasionally provide emergency response support dependent on capacity.

Their UK crisis response teams set up reception centres for exploited and potentially trafficked people. These are open once local police or the National Crime Agency (NCA) identify people in need. The centres are open 24 hours a day for a short-term period. Inside, we:

  • provide emergency provisions such as food, clothes and blankets
  • offer a listening ear and emotional support
  • give first aid.


For destitution or casework support, contact:  0121 766 5444  

For rest centre or emergency response support please contact the Crisis Response Centre on: 0300 023 0700

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